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Seven things you should try in Ha Long (P2)
Not only attracted by amazing beauty, Halong Bay with mountainous terrain is a challenge for the tourists who love climbing. If you are a follower of this adventurous sport, surely thorny cliffs, the glide angle of spectacular mountains, the cliffs, ...
Seven things you should try in Ha Long (P1)
It is regrettable that you have traveled to Ha Long without trying to exploring the bay by Kayak. Sitting on a small boat like Kayak, paddling on the blue waters and watching the bewitching nature, all that simple things would make you feel excited.
What to do in Ha Long
You can get on a cruise ship to visit the bay. Boats run hourly, the trip is long, including many places to visit and also stop at the many caves. For short trips, boats go through the highlights only. To explore the bay, you should go in the ...

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  • Hellen
    the tour gave me a great chance to admire the stunning beauty of the bay and to know more about ...
  • Mark
    it is wonderful to make a trip like that. i am impressed with how beautiful the bay is and how nice ...
  • Anie
    your tour is really nice and well-organized. Thanks a lot for helping me have a memorable ...
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